Step One: Discovery

In our first meeting we will explain our process and make sure that Missouri Financial Group is a good fit for you and your financial goals. We’ll listen to your needs, concerns, priorities and vision for the future, then collect data on your financial situation, individual risk tolerance, and relevant time frames.

Step Two: Analysis

During this stage we will interpret the data we’ve received, make calculations, and design a plan to help you pursue your financial goals.

Step Three: Recommendation

In a new meeting we will present our plan and make recommendations for how to proceed. We will explain any options and the associated trade-offs so you are armed with the information to make an informed decision.

Step Four: Implementation

At this point in time we will ask you to decide on any options we’ve presented and commit to a plan. We will also determine how frequently and intensively we need to review your plan in future meetings.

Step Five: Review

We will meet regularly to review your plan, goals and objectives to help ensure we’re doing everything possible to pursue your vision of the future.